Tuesday, May 15, 2012

allow yourself.

Sometimes, even though I try to stop the control-freak madness, I need to allow the lists to flow, because that's just how my brain works. Lists make me happy; lists suggest an imposed order in my world. If that calms my brain, so be it. When my brain is calm, I think about important matters. For example, why is it socially acceptable to dig out golden slumbers (i.e., eye crusties, after the line in the Beatles song - "Golden slumbers fill your eyes..."), but not boogers? Aren't they basically the same thing, just from different orifices? Eh. The world may never know. 

Hold on. Totally gonna find a picture of eye crusties for you.

Not a picture of eye crusties. Hoping this is less vomity (vomitty?),
because for real, don't Google image search "eye crust." Really.

I tried to abort this post partway through, because really, it's revealing my controlly-listy tendencies on a whole new level. I already made my list of fun summer stuff that I want to do this year, but there's been another list cooking - fun summer stuff I want to do to my house. Yeah, I know I'm in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Yeah, I know I'm still screwing up my bathroom while taking 10-minute breaks from the kitchen remodel. Yeah, I know "doing stuff to the house" is more likely to cause tears than happiness these days. But - my hope is that the kitchen will be done by the end of June (maybe? Please gods?), which still leaves me with plenty of time for house projects. And, hey, the reality is, I like doing stuff to my house (yes, even especially cleaning). So, rather than halting the writing of this list, I midwifed the shit out of it. And here she is:

Summer 2012 House To-Do List
  • Clean the windows (I've not done it once since they were installed in 2009)
  • Plant something in the garden
  • Come up with a landscaping plan for the back yard (note to self: a PLAN does not mean the landscaping needs to be COMPLETED this summer. 'TIS A PLAN ONLY)
  • Finish the kitchen
  • Build a fence between us and the park
  • Make art (purple room, office, bedroom, family room, front room)
  • Finish the kitchen
  • Replace the upstairs toilet
  • ...and repaint the upstairs bathroom? (That might be pushing it)
  • Update/paint the interior doors (first floor first...then upstairs)
  • Visit the neighbors' new addition for inspiration
  • Finish the kitchen
  • Make an appointment to have the HVAC system cleaned before winter
  • Check/clean the gutters
Then, when all that stuff is done, I'm putting the house on the market and moving back into an apartment so I can re-discover whatever the eff it was I used to do with all my free time.



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