Wednesday, July 24, 2013

three-quarters, part one.

Three-quarters of the way done.

With the nursery, with the pregnancy. Let's just process that for a minute.

Aaand processing over. Let's check out the nursery for now, since that occupies roughly three-quarters of my mind at any given moment. Truth: I may be a more dedicated room-remodeler than belly-grower...but whatever. Working on this room is just so much fun (she said, after agonizing [a relative term] over fabrics all afternoon). 

Here's where we are with The Crib:

Coming along, eh? Although, disclaimer: That chair is a placeholder for a glider that is on its way. It's the most uncomfortable chair ever, one that I purchased on a whim during freshman year of college and for some stupid reason haven't been able to part with. It's usually in our bedroom, but I wanted to test out dimensions, etc., so it's chilling in the nursery for the time being. Hopefully, the glider will get here soon and the butterfly chair will return to its grand purpose of holding all of our dirty clothes, which are obviously so much easier to throw on the chair than in the hamper. ANYWAY. As you can see in the above pic, the changing table is set to go (minus the, uh, changing pad); we put the crib together (first moment of HOLY CRAP A BABY WILL SLEEP HERE panic); and I found a storage ottoman, floor lamp, and some cute Homegoods picture frames. Also...

...the rug was delivered (although it still needs to flatten out and air out), and J.J. installed a new ceiling light to replace the old, ugly black porch light that used to be there. Side note: the light bulbs for the ceiling light each cost the same amount as the fixture itself ($12.99). No joke.

The other side of the room has gotten some attention, too, having gone from this:

To this:

I finished painting the closet (Benjamin Moore's Blue Seafoam), and I added this shelving unit from Ikea, along with three turquoise fabric bins from Target on the top shelf. Actually, this picture is from a few days ago - now there's a clothing rod and some hangers, too.

What's left at this point? Well, I'm going to make some rain gutter bookshelves - a couple on the dead wall next to the closet, since the door swings open onto that wall and nothing else can really go there, and a couple on the wall on the other side of the door. I'm still hunting down the perfect lamp for the changing table, as well as some cute art and mobile options, which may end up being DIY/may end up being purchased through Etsy or something. I also still need to decide on fabrics for the crib skirt, window curtains, and closet curtain. Current top contenders (the list changes weekly daily hourly) include:

Those three are all from joann.com, but the top one - my long-standing fave - was discontinued while I wavered back and forth. Sad face. 

But moving on...

The lime in this one (from here) looks sort of obnoxious here, but it looks better on the website - who knows how it would actually look in person? Either way, Mamatots, A.K.A. the Fabric Genius, was able to hunt down a more affordable version of it, so it's still in the running. But then this afternoon I found a few other potentials...

(For the window curtains, from here)

(For the crib skirt and closet curtain, from here)

(Another crib skirt/closet curtain option, from here)

Definitely riding the struggle wave in terms of picking out fabric, but at least I'm starting to narrow it down. By widening the field of options? I don't know - it feels like I'm getting close, anyway! 

Speaking of getting close, summer camp - and summer in general - is officially halfway over. In my head, when camp ends, birth is imminent. ZOINKS. I mean, to be real, the birth could still be four to six weeks AFTER camp ends, but still! This is partially why I channel my energy into the nursery; it just seems a tad bit more manageable than a newborn...who turns into a toddler, a preschooler, and grade schooler, a tween, AND BEYOND. Plus, it's just fun to watch progress like this:

Ta-da! What can I say...I love watching (and making) things change like that!

(Stay tuned for Part Two, featuring other things that are three-quarters of the way finished - namely, the belly and the baby!)

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  1. Lovelovelove it! And thanks for the shoutout- loving the new fabric options too! Let me know if there are any nursery related projects I can help with (since I can't, you know, help with the gestating).



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