Monday, April 30, 2012

remind yourself.

I know I've been slacking on the kitchen updates. Not to worry ('cause I know you were)...progress is constant. It's just that most of the progress these days consists of spending hours attending to tiny details, none of which are noticeable to the naked (read: non-neurotic) eye afterwards. But just so you know? And - just so I know, so I can remind myself?

The week we moved in (June 2009)

April 2012
Yes, just to remind myself: things are moving along.

Got some major (and minor) things done last week during my staycation:
  • Patched the hole left by the phone jack
  • Patched and sanded the ceiling above the sink and next to the new corner cabinet
  • Patched and sanded the gouges left behind by removing the cabinetry crown moulding
  • Touched up all the blue paint (including painting some new areas blue)
  • Caulked ten million mitered-moulding corners on the cabinet doors
  • Did the final coat of paint on 21 of the 30 doors/drawer fronts
  • Purchased a range hood and microwave
  • Put the iron gate, the bathroom light fixture, the medicine cabinet, and the microwave on Craigslist
  • Made final (like, mostly final) counter and flooring decisions
Zephyr Tamburo range hood comin' my way!

Zodiaq (quartz) Minera Pearl countertop maybe comin' my way!
Style Selections Patina Shale Slate Finish flooring from Lowe's comin' my way!

Decisions are good, but finishing is better. So what's left? Well, the most immediate projects include:
  • Install range hood
  • Install floating shelf for microwave
  • Install floating shelves next to corner cabinet to balance that area out
  • Retrofit two cabinet doors and attach them
  • Install the trash cabinet hardware and door
  • Level out and fix the front of the trash cabinet
  • Finish the Ikea dresser-hack and attach the drawer pulls
  • Cut and attach the moulding to the last two drawers and the side of the upper cabinet
  • Finish trimming out the fridge surround; attach it to wall; attach decorative moulding and paint it
  • Cut holes in trash cabinet, 8" base cabinet, and fridge surround for wiring
  • Buy a new, longer range cord
  • Actually attach the Ikea dresser, trash cabinet, and 8" cabinet to the wall
  • Trim out the side of the trash cabinet once the range is scooted over?
  • Choose and install light for over sink, and two lights to replace the boob lights
  • Call the electrician back (wiring for range hood; new circuit for fridge)
  • Call the HVAC people back (new vent OR fans in the two existing ones)
Aaand the longer-term projects include:
  • Order countertops and schedule installation
  • Find and purchase undermount sink (the one from Craigslist?)
  • Install backsplash
  • Cut and attach cabinet crown moulding
  • Build, install, and paint pantry
  • Figure out where to store cleaning supplies (broom/mop/etc.)
  • Install flooring
  • Find and install flooring transition (on the edge of the step between the kitchen and family room)
  • Cut and attach shoe moulding
  • Find/build desk area next to the fridge surround
  • Mayyybe do crown moulding all the way around the kitchen
Oh, man. It's overwhelming to look at that list. But! SO MUCH is already done. I'll feel way better once the cabinets are leveled out and attached to the wall, which will mean we can order the counters. And when the pantry is built, which will mean we can put our damn food away. And...when it's freakin' DONE.

In the meantime, more posts to come with details on the cabinet door moulding and painting process, building the fridge surround, retrofitting our thrifted cabinetry (four pieces so far), and all sorts of juicy, kitcheny details.

I'm telling you. It'll be better than eating cake balls in the bathtub.

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