Wednesday, May 15, 2013

engines: stalled, officially.

I'm a little...stalled.

Wasn't it just two short weeks ago that I ran 2.5 miles on Wednesday and did a one-hour step aerobics class at 8:00 on a Saturday morning? And finished painting the nursery, and tried a new (awesome) recipe, and slept through the night - every night? And was on top of my bills and my projects and...I don't know...my life?

Not the case this week. It might be because of work - this is the busiest time of the year for me, this month before camp starts - but everything. Is. Stalled. Such as:

  • This blog. Usually I have more post ideas than I can keep up with, and I spend my lunch breaks snapping and editing photos. This week, I spent my lunch breaks watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy while eating Strawberry Newtons, and I literally wished I had a blog. And then remembered that OH YEAH I DO.
  • The nursery. Still need to paint the crown and shoe moulding so it can be installed. Still need to finish painting all the trim. Still need to choose a closet paint color. AND THAT'S ALL JUST FOR PAINTING. No other decisions - furniture, textiles, wall art - have been even considered, beyond some halfhearted Pins.
  • Eating. Which is not so much stalled as it is wonky. I'll eat a normal amount of food and (a) still be hungry, but (b) feel like my stomach might literally explode. It's so damn uncomfortable. (I know, I know, just wait, omg, etc.)
  • Sleeping. No position is good. I drift off and wake up almost immediately. I toss and turn. I draft hate letters in my head to the manufacturers of my stupid new expensive mattress, listing its numerous shortcomings, and I imagine the unicornish ways in which they'll compensate me for my nights of sleepless agony. (Which...surely don't have anything to do with having a brand-new body shape...or anything.)
  • Exercising. I went out to dinner tonight with people from my step aerobics class. Does that count?
  • Memory and general coordination. I'll forget something you asked me to do while you're still asking me to do it. And then I'll knock over my pencil jar. For the third time in the last hour. Placenta brain: It's not just a myth...and it definitely complicates things in the workplace, especially when I'm such a control freak meticulous, dedicated employee.
  • Bills. Am I really supposed to pay them every month? Didn't I just pay a bunch of them...like, seven weeks ago? Crap.
  • Documenting. You know, things like my first Mother's Day, understanding my fetus's sleep and wake cycles, and uploading belly shots. Speaking of, someone is growing quickly:
19 weeks, 2 days

20 weeks, 2 days

Oh, and? I still need to document our last ultrasound, which was a week and a half ago. We got to see all sorts of crazy stuff (like ventricles and kidneys); my super-special placenta was discovered; and - minor detail - we learned the sex of our baby. Our child. Our...daughter. I never want to forget that moment, and considering my track record as of late...I better hop to it.


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  1. Wow love how much she's grown in a week! It's just incredible :)



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