Tuesday, February 24, 2015

sort of like "naughty by nature." except not.

I'm totally nosy by nature. My friend posted her to-do list on Facebook today, and I was fascinated. Now I want to see everyone's to-do list - for work, for the house, for the kids, for the weekend, for whatever. Maybe it's because my own to-do list is a mile long and has certain tasks (ahem haircut) that just keep leaping from list to list, even after I cross out everything else. I'm in the worst funk lately, and I just can't seem to tackle any of it. 

I think it's been a year since I got my hair cut. An actual year. My tax documents - the ones I've bothered to collect or print out - are sitting in a pile next to the computer (next to this month's as-yet-unpaid bills), but I can't bring myself to actually call and make an appointment to have them done. I have a calendar of potential spring classes for Rowan, but I haven't actually registered for any of them. The crawl space was finished last week, but the contents of my basement are still strewn from wall to wall. I'm also pretty sure there are things I forgot to even add to this list. 

I just...can't. Don't want to. As soon as Rowan's asleep, my ass is on the couch, doing nothing. I don't want to cook, don't want to clean, don't even want to read. I'm. just. stuck. It's like whatever atmospheric forces have taken over the weather patterns, causing weeks on end of negative wind chills and biting winds, have also taken over my drive and motivation. Here's hoping we all thaw out soon, because why in the world am I not excited to get my organizing on in my fresh & clean crawl space??

Sneak peek!
I keep heading down to the basement with the greatest intentions of starting to shift everything to their new homes - boxes, bins, toys, games, books, clothes, furniture...Ideas pop into my head for splitting the space into zones: laundry/cleaning, exercise/video games, Rowan's art/play area, tools/easy-access storage. Visions of paper lantern decorations and curtains blocking off the crawl space dance in my head. But then I see this:

...And I'm just stymied. Half of that crap is in limbo on Craigslist; where do I put it in the meantime? We need to take a trip to the dump (to get rid of a weird door frame and the fifteen huge bags of waste they removed when they encapsulated the crawl space), but who wants to go to the dump when it's -12 out? And with what truck?! I don't know where to put the extra doors, and I forgot all about the seventeen dozen paint cans, and there are two bins that I can't lift over the half-wall because I hurt my back, and where do I put the stuff for the garage sale in May, and basically I'm just a whining brat who needs to just suck it up and get going. Right?

Sooooo. What's on your to-do lists? Seriously, I want to see them. Like, pictures. And not only that - how do you kick your own ass to get things in motion? What motivates you? I need something to force me out of this half-hibernation state I'm stuck in. A nap? Cookies? A vacation? Solidarity? All of the above, with a side of candy? In other words...send help. The sooner, the better. Especially re: cookies.

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