Monday, March 16, 2015

oops, I did it again.

I was daydreaming about potential Billy bookcases in the playroom again today, since I've officially sold enough junk from the basement to buy new ones from Ikea, and I kept getting tripped up on something as I re-read my post about the room.

Can you guess what it is?

How about now? Seeing it yet?

This picture will DEFINITELY give it away...

It's the paint color. 


Paint is supposed to be such an easy thing to switch out in a room, but ughhh, the thought of taking everything off the walls...and moving the rug and the furniture...and cutting in around the windows and the doorframes and the staircase...blechhh. So not my cup of tea these days, especially since a certain member of my household is wont to running into walls, wet paint or not.

But I can't ignore that hue anymore. I really liked it at first (obviously, considering I...chose it), but I'm not feeling it these days. I don't like the way it plays with everything else in the room, and the shade is too dark, too moody, and too reminiscent of grody stuff...like mud. Or poop.

So I kept staring at those pictures on my computer and decided to go take a look around the room. JUST a look. A look never hurt anyone, right?


Hmm...those blinds aren't as hard to remove as I thought they were. That part of painting the room wouldn't be so bad. And...oh...look how the room just divides itself into convenient little chunks that could be tackled during naptime! Huh. And...you know...I don't think I'd have to prime, since the room was professionally painted just a few years ago. And...hey...I really do love the color of Rowan's bedroom --

-- and the leftover paint from her bedroom is in a handy little mason jar down in the basement --

-- and...okay. Maybe a few test patches happened.


J.J. is home from work today, but he was out on a run when the testing happened. There are four large-ish patches. He's been back from his run for a half hour and hasn't noticed them yet. That's probably good, since he's likely to try talking me out of it. J.J. is kind of against painting this room, which I get:

  1. I am unbearable when I'm trying to choose a paint color. Eleventy jillion test patches, none of which is The Right and Perfect Shade, and then I ask him for his opinion, which is always wrong, even if he chooses the one I was favoring. Yeah. I know. It's not my best quality.
  2. I do the painting myself (because control freak), but he has to help with some furniture moving, which is never fun, especially after you've been at an emotionally-draining job all day and then run the toddler-bedtime gauntlet and just want to SIT for two seconds.
  3. Having a room in your house being painted - especially the primary room where your toddler hangs out - is generally a giant pain in the ass. 

The wheels are in motion, though. I think it's going to happen. I mean - one of the hardest steps (choosing a paint color) is already taken care of! Gray is SUCH a hard color to nail, but I adore the color I chose for Rowan's room (Benjamin Moore's Abalone). And, come on, why go through the trouble of making over a room (in our case, with the new bookcases) if you're only going to half-ass it, right?


Off to see what J.J. thinks of my plan. (And to scheme about paint colors for the bookcase backings, which will look ten times more awesome in a GRAY room!!)

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