Thursday, December 31, 2015

all you've got to go on.

I don't have resolutions to share with you, or reflections or goals or plans.

All I've got is this:

If you take nothing else from 2015.

If you leave all you learned behind.

If you ignore the lessons patiently clobbering you, year after year after year.

If you don't believe the dreams hovering inside, outside, and around your heart.

At least remember this saying: Growing old is a privilege.

If you happen to be older than you were this time last year, and if you happen to have grown older alongside your family, your friends, your passions, your failures, your goals, your fears, your suffering, and your offerings? Recognize what a privilege this is. Maybe it's the only privilege you've got to go on right now.

Take it and run, baby.

This year taught me - in the best of ways, in the worst of ways - that you never know what you're gonna get, but that you have nothing to lose by choosing to look up. So, as I said last year: Happy New Year, and here's to looking up.

{from December 2014, age one}

{from today, age two}

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  1. Such perfect photos to accompany your sentiments. <3



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