Wednesday, December 2, 2015

have a cup of cheer (or, uh, some cookies).

Rowan and I were both in funky moods this morning. She actually cried and cuddled me during music class today - to the point where I was wondering if she was legit sick. She perked up before nap time, but woke up crying again, which just isn't like her. So maybe she is getting sick, but I thought I'd try to cheer her up by spoiling her a little for the afternoon.

I settled her onto the couch for some Sesame Street, which is a treat for her in and of itself, and then my dad called...so she got to watch for wayyy longer than I'd normally let her. (Worth it!) And when that was over, we decided to bake some cookies from the dough leftover after our First Snow Cookies. Rowan made some pretend cookies with her play dough while our real cookies were in the oven.

We frosted and sprinkled them - one for each of us, and one for Daddy when he gets home later...

...and then we had a Christmas tree cookie picnic.

And by the time the cookies were gone? Well, Rowan wasn't the only one who was in a better mood. Maybe I should spoil her more often. For both of our sakes.

On to toddler dinnertime and grown-up date night!

And just in case you're in need of a mid-week mood booster...here's part of Rowan's rendition of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." It's a little rough, but cut her a break; she's only heard the song maybe three times. And, you know, she's two. :)

Now go pour a cup of cheer for someone else. It'll probably cheer you up, too.

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  1. We need to set up our Christmas tree just so we can have a cookie picnic by the tree!

    1. We could also have a cookie picnic when we do Dad's tree!



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