Monday, November 23, 2015

stardust kind of weekend.

From beginning to end, it was my kind of weekend. A stardust kind of weekend.

It was the kind of weekend where...I unearthed my old lovey, Puff-Puff, and handed him over to my daughter. This is actually Puff-Puff 2.0, since O.G. Puff-Puff was left in a hotel room on vacation when I was nine years old (AKA way too old to be toting a lovey around), never to be seen again. Months later, I spotted a replacement version at a drugstore one day, and my mom made me choose between getting candy (like all my siblings were) and getting a new Puff-Puff. I chose Puff-Puff. I don't know if y'all recall my candy addiction, but that says SOMETHING. And now? He belongs to her, who belongs to me.

It was the kind of weekend where...my sister and I went out on Friday night and spent hours at a Thai restaurant and then even more hours at Applebee's (needed dessert after the Thai place closed). We laughed until we were crying and neighboring patrons were raising their eyebrows at us ("Snakes on a Christmas tree! It's yourrrrs!"), we traded career tales, and we accidentally stayed out until one in the morning.

It was the kind of weekend where...a huge snowstorm rolled through and switched our landscape vignettes so quickly, it felt like I was experiencing a real-time split-screen: sixty degrees / overcast / autumn leaves vs. thirty degrees / blue skies / a foot of heavy snow. Rowan played outside morning, noon, and night...

...except when I forced her to stay in and make First Snow Cookies with me. There was a copious amount of frosting taste-testing performed by my half-naked toddler, and it was even more fun than making our First Snow Brownies last year.

It was the kind of weekend where...I just couldn't stop the flow of ideas, so I didn't try to. Meaning, I came up with two (more) (sort of harebrained) business plans. Woke up in the middle of the night to write notes about the plans. Tried to read my book, but kept putting the book back down to make even more notes about the plans. Made lists of people who could help me with all my questions about the plans - marketing, payments, curriculums. BUT. For all the big ideas percolating, I also realized that I'm stuck here, in my preferred stage of big ideas: planning. It's so safe, so exciting, so full of possibility. How the hell do I pull the trigger to move onto the next stage? It's hard to find faith that something even better awaits me in the next stage. But, ooh, these big ideas...were definitely the stardustiest part of my entire weekend.

Except for the fact that it was the kind of weekend where...I crept into my toddler's room late at night to gaze at her, slumbering in a fortress of her most treasured friends, head resting on a pillowcase made by Grandma, warm air blasting from the vent next to her crib, which was purchased especially for her by Obee...and I was overwhelmed, overcome by the visions of refugee children lying on pine-needle pillows or losing consciousness as they drifted in the ocean. And even more overcome by the thought that so many of you are convinced that offering a safe haven to these children and their families is a direct threat to your children and your families. FYfuckingI, recent history demonstrates quite clearly that the terrorists posing the biggest and most real threat to us are white males with access to guns, not Syrian toddlers. 

Finally, it was the kind of weekend where...we spent Sunday morning at brunch with my family, and Sunday night out to dinner with J.J.'s family. We discovered that Rowan loves lemons (seriously, even though her face looks funny here)...

...and came home just in time to catch "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" on TV. That was total magic. J.J. read Rowan a Grinch storybook a few weeks ago, and she makes him retell the tale over and over: "More talk about the Grinch, Daddily. More talk about the Grinch." All I could think was how fun Christmas is going to be with her this year.

See? All of that. Magic, inspiration, beauty, love. Stardust.

Oh! Plus! These awesome Hape wooden toys are all half-off at Amazon today, in case you're looking for holiday gifts for a baby or toddler in your life. We own the snail already, and I'm loving that Table Top Art Studio, the Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set, and the guitar.

Oh AND: I found a phallic sock puppet from fourth grade that will make a great Throwback to Hell story soon. Again: STARDUST, PEOPLE.

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