Monday, November 9, 2015

GIVEAWAY! :: free customizable board book from Pint Size Productions!

So...I'm aware that I still I have a pumpkin carcass rotting on my front porch and that the temperatures only recently dipped below 70 here in Michigan (!!!), but the unavoidable truth is: the holidays are coming. And while I'll refrain from plunking a Christmas tree in the middle of our family room for a few more weeks, I've already got gifts on the brain.

So I thought I'd share with you one of the best gifts that I've ever given - AND gotten. And the awesome news? The company that makes this perfect present, Pint Size Productions, wants to let one of YOU order one for FREE!

A free what, you might ask?

A free customizable board book! 

You guys - not only are these books personalized, adorable, and durable, they're also the perfect present for just about anyone. We've made four so far. The first one was for J.J. on his first Father's Day. I hid it in Rowan's stack of books during her evening bath on Father's Day, and when we were reading bedtime stories later, I pulled it out and began reading. J.J. will readily admit that he started crying like a baby, which might give you an indication of how awesome it is to have a story in your hands specifically about you and your sweet pea.

Since that first successful board book, we've made three more: one for Rowan for her first birthday (about all her favorite things, and to commemorate one-year stats like height, weight, words, etc.), one for J.J.'s mom (with pictures of Rowan and Grandma), and one for me for Mother's Day.

From "What Does Rowan Love?"

From "What Does Rowan Love?"

From "Rowan + Gramma"

From "Rowan and Mama"

Pint Size Production's website offers a range of designs for you to choose from, and the amount to which it's customized is up to you. They walk you through each (simple) step for creating your book. You can start with one of their blank templates, or you can add your pictures into a pre-made Sandra Boynton-based book. And if you're the lucky winner of this contest, you can pick whichever template you want!

These books are the perfect gift...for your significant other, for the grandparents, for a favorite auntie, for your child, or even for yourself. Any grown-up who gets one will treasure both the pictures and the opportunity to cuddle and read with a special kid, and any child who gets one will loooove looking at pictures of herself and hearing a personalized story. Seriously, Rowan has parts of hers memorized and still requests them regularly. Plus, as board books, they're appropriate for even the youngest babies.

So - wondering how to win?? 


:: Contest begins today and closes at midnight on Friday, November 13.
:: One entry per email address.
:: To enter, use the simple Rafflecopter widget below.
:: One winner will be chosen randomly by the Rafflecopter widget at the contest's close.
:: Winner will receive a special code (from me! Make sure you enter the correct email!) for one FREE customizable board book from Pint Size Productions. *Winner must pay shipping & handling.*

Good luck!!

(You might need to give the widget a minute to load!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again to Pint Size Productions for offering this giveaway! FYI, I wasn't paid or perked for hosting the giveaway, and I'm not eligible to win. I just love this company's products and wanted you guys to know about them!

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