Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"I eat the kitty-cat on Halloween."

This week so far. I'm just not feeling it. Emails building up. Bills piling up. Internet being dicky. Apple messing with my iPhoto so that I can't edit pictures the way I want. Terrorists attacking, including where my sister-in-law is vacationing with her boyfriend (they're fine). Refugees starving and dying and being turned away, even little bitty toddlers like my own. So, screw everything, and here's a bunch of stuff making me happy:

:: Rowan has been busting out funny vocabulary words like actually and even and either. She's also trying to figure out referring to things that happened in the past by saying last year and yesterday - incorrectly, but still. I get the point, and love her efforts.

:: Also in the Rowan vocabulary vein: The other day, her toy t
oolbox wouldn't shut because a saw was sticking out of it. She cried out, "I can't close this!" I said, "Hey, there's something sticking out of it! See what happens if you move it." She moved the saw all the way into the toolbox and shut the lid. "I did it!" she exclaimed. "You did it!" I repeated. "You kept trying and you found a solution!" "Yeah! ...Now I take the solution out." She opened the box and scooped out a handful of tools. "Here's the solutions!" I laughed my ass off.

:: I was at a restaurant the other day and overheard some twenty-somethings chatting at the bar about whether or not to invite Alicia to Friendsgiving, and the potential implications and fallout of their decision. In a flash, I was both envious of their night (happy hour with friends, where the biggest problem is that fucking Alicia), and grateful to be...where I am in life, i.e., not there.

:: Rowan and I were reading books together on Monday. I pointed out a kitty-cat that was lurking on every page, and Rowan said, flatly, "I eat the kitty-cat." She has a habit of repeating whatever she said until you respond, so when I was stunned into silence, she repeated herself, in monotone: "I eat the kitty-cat. I eat the orange kitty-cat. I love to eat the orange kitty-cat." At this point, I started fearing for the life of the neighborhood cat who wanders through our myrtle in the evenings...and happens to be orange and white. "I eat the kitty-cat on Halloween. The orange kitty-cat." And then it dawned on me: "...OH! You mean the Kit-Kats? The orange Halloween Kit-Kats?" "Yeah!" she replied. "I eat the kitty-cat. Yum, yum." Thankful she doesn't have Alf tendencies.

:: Remember the game 7-Up from when you were a kid? I just have to know: Did everyone peek at the person's shoes when you got tapped? Or was I a total delinquent (who usually won)? And speaking of shoes:

:: This morning, I was getting ready in the bathroom while J.J. finished his shower. It was quiet, except for the sound of the running water. All of a sudden, I heard him say softly, "Play-stay-shon." That's it - just a random Play-stay-shon. I raised my eyebrows incredulously at my reflection and said, "Did you just randomly say 'PlayStation' the way they do in the commercials?" He said, "Yep! Yes I did. Play-stay-shon." And then we couldn't stop saying it. Until I stepped barefoot on a brachiosaurus, which hurts about as much as you'd expect, in case you were wondering.

:: This Thanksgiving will be our first without our head chef, so my siblings and I divvied up cooking duties. I was assigned mac 'n' cheese and ice cream pie (AKA the bulk of my Thanksgiving meal). This week, I'm taking one for the team and beta-testing a guesstimated version of my mom's ice cream pie recipe. It's not quite right, so I have to keep tasting it to figure out what needs to change.

:: And the last thing making me happy this week is reading how many people connected with the article I wrote for Scary Mommy on postpartum anxiety. I mean, I'm not happy that so many mamas experience PPA without knowing what it is or getting support, but it's been amazing to hear from others whose light bulbs were turned on by the article. Here's hoping even one reader manages to reach out for help as a result.

Just going to leave this post at that. Happy Tuesday, peeps.

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