Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...but we know this much is true.

Despite yesterday's post, the reality is that hope is more prevalent lately for me than anxiety. My friend Kristen reminded me early on in the pregnancy that I have a choice: I can either let joy or fear reign during this surreal, incredible time in my life. On her advice, whenever possible, I'm going with joy. And joy comes in the little things, the everyday contentment and satisfaction, in plans and dreams, details and schemes.

So here's a better list - Near-Daily Reasons Why I'm Mostly Just Happy Lately:

  1. Evening walks in temperate weather. And spring thunderstorms.

  2. My favorite lunch, which is delicious, healthy, and made up entirely of foodstuffs that I couldn't even think about a month ago: whole-wheat rotini with greens, chickpeas, hard-boiled eggs, red and green peppers, and shredded cheddar, tossed with Annie's Goddess dressing & a big splash of red wine vinegar.

  3. Big plans for the back yard, starting with picking up fence pieces this upcoming weekend to border our property along the park (since that sweet neighborhood group chopped down our natural border last fall...invasive species, schminvasive schpecies).

  4. Downsizing clutter - and making bank from it ($240 and counting in the last week from Craigslist!).

  5. Random "thinking about you & Baby" texts from my dad.

  6. My (practically edible) favorite candle.

 7. The secret cubby in our garage (also known as a milk door, but not used as such for probably fifty years or so...and "secret cubby" is a way more awesome term).

  8. Reading in bed before I go to sleep.

  9. Finding out about friends who are pregnant and due right around the same time as me.

10. Time alone with my guitar.

11. Nursery plans.

12. My daily Note from the Universe.

13. My favorite blogs.

14. Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizers - I snag these from Bed Bath & Beyond every now and again; just drop one in your running disposal, and it's instantly clean and fresh-smelling. Love them.

15. Our office, which continues to evolve (finally unearthed our diplomas to hang, along with some corkboard to cover with fabric and mount on the wall)...

16. Friends who randomly reach out - even from far away - with words of comfort, support, and kinship.

17. J.J. He's my favorite.

18. Finally ordering this print I've been coveting from Mae Chevrette's Etsy shop for the front room (which is also evolving...).

19. When my mom posts pics on Facebook of my sisters and me from thirty years ago (need to find one with my baby brother!).

20. ...And then wondering if this little one will be a boy or a girl...

16 weeks, 2 days!


  1. i noticed your record player in the front room. is that new?

    1. Yes! I had an Amazon credit from turning in a ton of loose change, and I only paid $10 extra for this Crosley model after the coin credit. Woohoo! (And then I sold my old record player and receiver on Craigslist...which was good, since I haven't had working speakers for the receiver in a couple years. Yikes.)

  2. Love love love the silhouette shot! This whole post makes me happy!

    1. Yay :) My first attempt at a belly pic!



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