Tuesday, April 23, 2013

when I was seventeen (weeks)...

I know, without a doubt, that I'll want to remember all the details of my first pregnancy. Everyone keeps reminding me to remember. Remember all of this. And since apparently pregnancy brain isn't just a blown-out-of-proportion myth, I figured I'd better record "all of this" in a place slightly more permanent than Post-It notes shoved in my bag.

Unfortunately, I only remembered to remember starting last Friday. Sorry, self.

Friday, April 19 (16 weeks, 4 days pregnant): Went shopping with my sister. Realized I'm at a weird in-between stage where my regular clothes are...unflattering, but maternity clothes are either (a) too big, (b) too low-cut for those of us with less-than-ample bosoms who also bend over constantly at work, (c) out of season, or (d) probably just fine, but I'm still in denial that I have a belly at all, sooo...yeah. I did find a couple of things that fit, though. Like a necklace. And some tortilla chips.

Saturday, April 20 (16w5d): All of your Pinterest food boards can go to hell. My energy may be high again, my penny breath may have disappeared, and my nausea may have quieted down, but your caprese eggs Benedict and cheddar jalapeno chicken burgers brought back the mouth sweats. Shudder.

I'm sure this is delicious. Also pretty sure it's what
my barf will look like in three...two...one...

Sunday, April 21 (16w6d): Watched as J.J. and his dad hauled fence pieces and furniture around and felt like I wasn't doing my share. So I continued my game of organizational dominoes and tackled the basement - start to finish.

I actually sorted through all of our power tools, manual tools, painting/
plumbing/electrical equipment, and ALL THE SCREWS AND NAILS.

Even a basement can be stupid clean. And check out the
world premiere of my scary-ass crawl space on the right.

J.J.'s workout gear...and the bureau from the
yellow room, which now houses all of our tools.

Monday, April 22 (17 weeks): Spent my lunch break tearing stuff up in the yellow room closet (a.k.a. nursery). Removed the bad hanger bar, the bifold door, crust from the floor, and two random flower stickers from the wall. Wanted to be caulking and painting instead. Smelled something musty and wondered if it's mold in the floorboards under the window where there are old water stains (they were there when we moved in). Also convinced myself that the baby's lungs will turn to mush if we put its crib in the same room as the Obviously Out of Control Black Mold Problem. Fired off a frantic email to our house inspector. Still not quite sure what to do.

Tuesday, April 23 (17w1d): 

    Things I have eaten while crying in the last few days:

  • Strawberry-lemonade slushie (while watching news coverage of the Boston Marathon bomber being caught)
  • Half a jar of pickle spears (while watching "Full House")
  • Hippie Fruit Roll-Ups, a.k.a. Fruit-A-Bu rolls (4 of them) (while watching "Splash." Yep, the reality show about celebrities learning to dive)

Also at 17 weeks, 2 days, the major theme of the last week or so seems to be: sharply vacillating body dysmorphic thoughts as my belly really starts to pop. And then disappears. And then hits the door frame on my way into the bathroom. And then is invisible from the front. But then not in THAT shirt.

Don't get me wrong - I love that the belly is finally here. But it'll be great to have another ultrasound next week and confirm that the belly is a result of a growing fetus, not just pickles and fruit strips. Although, hell, if that belly is all from pickles and fruit strips? I'd be pretty proud of myself. Just saying.

17 weeks, 1 day


  1. Scary ass crawl space! Eeek! D: I still shudder randomly about it occasionally, ngl.

    Also - belly!! <3

    1. stupid crawl space. but at least we have a good spot to put the kid in time-out. JK INTERNETS

  2. Dude. The bureau is the perfect place for tools. Nice! You will love that you did all of this memory recording (if you don't love it already) and you will LOVE looking back at pics. And I will love snuggling that belly when I see you next!

    1. I want you to snuggle it NOW. come to me. :)

  3. Love this post - it's awesome. Also love your artsy silhouette photos - adorable bump! However I feel it's my duty to inform you that it appears you no longer have arms.

    1. omg, I KNEW something was missing!

  4. I LOVE that you remembered to remember...great post Cathy.



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