Wednesday, January 21, 2015

turn the beat around.

God, I am just in a FUNK today. So is Rowan. Here are some things she has cried about today, specifically because she could not hug them: 

  1. The waffle that was still in the toaster.
  2. The ambulance siren at the children's museum. Not the ambulance, mind you, and woe be to the poor soul who dares think that hugging the ambulance itself would be sufficient.
  3. The street sweeper, while it was mid-street-sweep.
Her Highness is currently down for a nap, which will hopefully help her turn it around. I probably could use a nap, too, but instead I'm going the cognitive route and trying to think of all the things that are making me happy these days. Hey, it's been helpful before!

Hand-me-down clothes from Tea Collection. I love, love, love Tea Collection clothes for baby girls. I LOVE THEM. When I'm feeling feisty, I ogle their website...and maybe even add things to my online shopping cart. Sadly, that's just not where the cash flow needs to go these days. Luckily, I've discovered a few Tea pieces in the boxes of hand-me-down clothes I've gotten. Love the bright colors, love the unique styles (wrap dresses!), love the bold graphics. In short, gimme.

My Tea Collection shirt model, doing her Shia LaBeouf performance piece:
"emotional. pantsless. snacktime. {chair independent from table.}"

Doughnuts. Can I just say, I haven't even had a doughnut since the fall (AKA doughnut season). I was just thinking about them, and they made me happy. What's better than a socially acceptable way to eat cake for breakfast? And snack? And lunch? And always? Hey, doughnuts: You're good people.

Finding surprise money in the basement. I don't mean, like, finding random hundreds stuffed in the walls (though I'd be all OVER that). No, I'm talking about our Growing Pile of Doom, which I'm trying to tackle little by little. I started by pulling out a bunch of things that either needed to be returned (baby items, mostly) or sold on Craigslist. Score! I had duplicates of a few baby things and a couple sleep sacks that I never even opened, and I was able to return most of it to Buy Buy Baby. Ended up with $50 in store credit, which I turned right around and used on things we definitely needed. And you know I love getting rid of stuff via Craigslist, so I've been posting and selling whenever I can remember to check that random email that I use for Craigslist stuff.

Lemon water. The last time I was craving lemon water like this, it turned out I was pregnant. I assure you from the bottom of my uterus that I am not currently with child, but damn, I cannot get ENOUGH lemon water. Cold, hot, morning, night...doesn't matter: I just want water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice in it. It's always amazing.

White Cheddar Cheez-It Grooves. Look, I don't even like regular Cheez-Its, but these Cheez-It Grooves are specifically engineered to catch all the salt and cheese powder (no, guys, they're super healthy, hush). Like, maybe I'm going through a box every couple of days. Like, maybe J.J. is considering an intervention. Like, maybe if I saved my Cheez-It money, I could buy some Tea Collection clothes. LAY OFF ME THEY'RE DELICIOUS.

Being all done with pumping. It means breaking the reflex of heading straight to the breast pump whenever I have a free minute. It means gathering up all those pump supplies littered in every room in the house and storing them. It means deep cleaning the guest room (which was my primary pumping spot) and turning it back into a relaxing room. It means NO MORE PUMPING WOOOOOO!

Date night tonight! J.J.'s mom comes over one night a week to watch Rowan (much to Rowan's delight) so that J.J. and I can go on a date. We've had to get creative with low-cost date ideas, but we're not really high rollers anyway - we're happy chilling at the bookstore or playing a board game at the coffee shop, which is probably what we'll do tonight. 

That's all. Feeling better-ish. Going to top off my lemon water (my fingers may or may not permanently smell like Lemon Pledge, i.e., Saturday chores from childhood) and grab my box of Cheez-It Grooves and get happy. Happy hump day, yo.

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