Wednesday, April 29, 2015

easy (lololol) Instagram wall display.

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So it only took me six weeks to rectify my (latest) Pinterest fail. You know...the one where it turns out I can't screw drawer pulls into a wall? Even if they're pretty, cast-iron butterfly drawer pulls? The upside is that I ended up making a closer replica to my initial inspiration picture. Check it out:

My inspiration picture featured Instagram prints hanging from tree branch discs, which I assumed had been hunted in the wild and then hand-cut. 

from here

When I started this "quick and easy" project in early March, it was balls-cold outside and not worth traipsing through the woods for a branch, drying it out, and then setting up the power saw to cut it. So I dismissed the idea of wood discs, tried and failed to use drawer pulls...and then ended up with strands of pictures hanging by painter's tape in my stairwell. For six weeks.

What? It's so mod. And minimalistic.

BUT! It turns out they sell birch discs...for super cheap...at Michael's. Nice! I found a bag of six discs for, like, $4 or something (plus I used one of those ubiquitous 40% off coupons). YASSSS. (Here's a similar product, if you're looking.) I also found a roll of jute cording hiding in my craft supplies, which meant it was total copycat time.

I had already strung the pictures together with fishing line, spacing them about two inches apart (I just tried to eyeball what would look good in the dimensions I was working with). Instead of taking the fishing line off and re-stringing with the jute cording, I put the cord right on top of the fishing line and taped it to the back of each picture with Scotch tape. I taped the top of the cord to the birch disc with Frog Tape (it stuck better than the Scotch tape), stuck a little Command Strip on the back, and hung all six strands on the stairwell wall.

The view from the top...

And from the bottom. 

Rowan loooooves checking out the pictures whenever we go up the stairs, and they're a helpful distraction when she's protesting going up for a nap/bath/diaper/whatever.

I mentioned this before, but FYI, I printed the Instagram pictures through Social Print Studio. I'll happily use them again. The prints are crisp, vibrant, and exactly what I expected. Plus, I loved their quick turnaround time, and I'm a sucker for their spare but stylish packaging.

This is how the view from the playroom has changed. Different wall color, finished picture display.

And yes, I do see how the newly-gray walls clash with the beige stairwell walls. And also with the blinds in the playroom. And also with the light fixture in the front hall. I CAN'T NOT SEE IT. But I also can't muster the energy to care about that right now, so...instead, I'm just patting myself on the back for finally finishing the Instagram picture project. And for not diving into a full remodel of our upstairs bathroom, even though I really, really, really, reallllly want to. (Slash, need to.) Sticking with cheapie updates for now! (She said, as the leaking sink, crumbling toilet, flaking bathtub, and unfixably-moldy shower caulk laughed in her face, and possibly jeopardized the health and safety of her family.)

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