Wednesday, August 19, 2015

as dirty as we can, while we can.

We've already had two days this week where a mid-day bath (...for Rowan) was a necessity. And it's only Wednesday. THAT is a good week, in my book.

{Monday: play date that started out playing with "moon sand" -
flour + baby oil - and ended with rolling around on sticky, sandy park bleachers}

{Wednesday: visiting my old work, where Rowan felt right
at home splashing in the playground-wide mud puddle}

And this doesn't even include Tuesday, the morning of corn starch goop.

{The beauty of corn starch + water is that it brushes right off when it dries}

We're making the most of summer while we can. My sister and I (both former preschool teachers) decided that this would be a pretty good gig - playing with our own kids, and with each other, AND (this is...sort of key) getting paid for it. No problem, right?

A friend texted me the other day. She may end up on forced leave from work due to major pregnancy issues (affecting her body, not the baby). Her thought: "We need to put together a group social work practice for moms, so we can all work and be home" (she's a social worker, too). It's not a bad idea. And I just keep thinking...why aren't there more options for parents to be home with their young kids? Or am I just not looking hard enough? That's usually my answer to a problem I'm having - I must not be working hard enough - but this time, I think I'm just not working smart enough.

And you know who I'd love to call to help me sort this out? My mom.

In the meantime. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are going wild in the garden, afternoon thunderstorms mean vicious rainbows, and cousin playdates mean naked snacktime. Enjoying these last snaps of summer before Michigan goes cold.

Edited to add: third wardrobe change of Wednesday now necessary, thanks to this afternoon's thunderstorm ~ she's singing: "Rain, rain, go away; come back another day; Rowie and Mama want to play; rain, rain, go away!" :)

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