Friday, August 14, 2015

life's a picnic. and then some.

Someone explain this to me.

Explain how I can want nothing more in the world than to live the life I'm living right now - summer and sunshine, picnics and pigtails...

...Where we spend our days together, giggling and growing, and I pinch myself over and over and over because this is an actual dream come true...

...And yet? Like I've been saying since day one: This is not sustainable. I took a leap, and I'm landing. Hard.

Which is to say: I miss that huge part of my identity - having a career. I'm still grappling with the shift from being someone whose work defined her to being someone whose...well, whose new work defines her.

In this new job, I love my client, I love my daily tasks, I love the challenges, and I can't deny that my colleagues are the best. Supportive, available, fun, inspiring. I'm nowhere near ready to move on to something else entirely. But this isn't all of me. Oh, and financial stability? Is a priority. Mama needs a paycheck...and to fulfill the myriad pieces of me.

Still. I don't want to sacrifice this. At. All.

So. You know. Now accepting suggestions for employment that is part-time, is from home, is not annoying, pays well, can be done on my own hours, and plays to my strengths. Sorry, not able to sell cosmetics, due to never having used them (though it's tempting, based on multiple friends' experiences). References available upon request.

See below for example of satisfied customer.

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