Sunday, September 20, 2015

yes, Michigan! (but mostly donuts and cider.)

Truth: The frigid, gray weather that comprises at least five out of twelve Michigan months is the worrrst. Uncalled for. Enough to make you hightail it to a state with a more temperate climate, to a city that isn't overcast for literally more than half the days of the year.


Also truth: Spring, summer, and especially fall are glorious here. The weather these past couple weeks has been perfection - cool mornings, hot afternoons, and sunny skies. J.J. and I know better than to waste beautiful autumn weekend days inside, and we plan to take Rowan on an unofficial donut tour of the Ann Arbor area this year. You know. For her sake. For donut research. 

So we trekked out to Three Cedars Farm in Northville today, and we had such a good time. This place is unbelievable - dozens of mini-attractions (a wooden train, silo slides, farm animals, a corn box, toddler-sized tractors) that are all free. FREE. J.J. and I were (cynically) blown away that we could have experienced everything we did today without paying a dime, if we wanted. (We did pay some dimes for donuts and cider, of course, but even those were totally reasonably priced.) Rowan's tiny mind was blown, too, by all the fun stuff to do.

I really had to restrain myself from swan-diving into this corn box.

She wanted to take all the tractors home with her. Alllll the tractors.

Taking flight from a giant hay bale.

There were real pigs, too, but this one was more ride-able.

She loved hopping from car to car on the wooden train, driving it, and ringing the conductor's bell.

Here's the cheesy smile she flashed every time I asked her smile for the camera.

The donuts and cider didn't disappoint. There was a long line (no surprise, since it was sunny and 70 degrees on a Sunday afternoon), but it moved quickly. This lucky girl was thrilled.

And the cute rocking chairs outside of the Cider & Donut Hut were perfect for snuggling:

That's a happy yell :)

{Edit: Found the pic below from last year's cold, wet trip to the same place with my new-mom group! Look how leeeetle!}

Since Three Cedars Farm doesn't charge you to enter (although it does have some attractions - a train ride, hay rides, corn maze - that cost a few dollars per person), it was basically like stumbling on a beautiful, fall-themed public playground. I'm pretty sure J.J. plans on bringing Rowie back every weekend until the snow flies. 

I don't think she'll mind.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Hope your weekend was restful, sunny, and providing of donuts and cider. We're gearing up for a week of birthday celebrations around here!

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