Thursday, September 24, 2015

dear baby, now you're you.

Dear Baby,

Two years ago today, I wrote about how excited I was to meet you, and about all the things I couldn't wait for you to experience - the marrow-of-life things, the experiences that might sort of slip by, but that still add up to a solid foundation that states, "You're doing this right." One of the many things I love about you is that you've opened my eyes to a million new marrow-of-life moments, both of your own and of mine - ones that have come my way courtesy of you.

You help me live deeply, too, to continue in the Thoreau theme. In general, the things I do - well, I love having done them. Painting a room? No fun. Having painted? Ahhh. I love having cleaned, I love having weeded, I love having cooked. But with you, I love the moment. I live the moment.

I'm feeling a little too verklempt to really discuss the fact that you turn two years old tomorrow. (Also tired...you woke up last night with a horrible cold and only wanted Mama, so I slept from 3:30-4:30 a.m. That's it.) Instead, I'll let some photos do the talking - photos of you living deeply, just in this past week.

Warm autumn wind catching your umbrella and taking you by surprise.

Swinging with your eyes closed...a new adrenaline rush.

Blowing dandelion fluff ("Like blowing happy birthday candles, Mama!").

Riding a tractor on our return trip to Three Cedars Farm. You got your first
bee sting, but you told me through your tears that the tractor "poked" you.
I'm letting you believe it was the tractor so you aren't afraid of bees. :)

A look of supreme pleasure as you wait for a train ride to start.

Brushing donut sugar off your pudgy hands (photo courtesy of Stephanie!).

Burrowing into a bagel, wearing your new favorite skirt (made with love by
Gramma) and your new favorite polka-dot tights (or "biiiig socks," as you call them)
(actually, you say a hard "K" sound in place of the first "S" of socks, soooo...).

Thank you, Baby, for being you. I'm so glad I know you now. You are Rowan, and here's one of our favorite games:

   Mama: Rowan, I love you soooo...

   Rowan: MUCH!
   Mama: And every...
   Rowan: DAY!
   Mama: And all...
   Rowan: DA TIME!
   Mama: Because you're...
   Rowan: MY BABY!

Again, Thoreau: "Living is so dear." Especially with you. Happy almost birthday, Rowan.

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