Saturday, April 9, 2016

also aka blog radio silence.


aka inside the mind of a maker when
it's supposed to be spring but it's
for sure snowstorming outside,

  1. Wake up
  2. Mentally review to-do list
  3. Enthusiastically tackle first item on to-do list
  4. Open laptop to take care of second item on to-do list
  5. Remember Netflix
  6. Netflix
  7. More Netflix with some Facebook mixed in
  8. Prolly a little more Netflix
  9. Existential crisis resulting from Netflix binge
  10. Aimlessly surf Internet to distract self from Netflixtential crisis
  11. Stumble on random blog/Instagram feed/Pinterest pin
  12. Think, "I love that! I could do that! Omgggg"
  13. Dive deeper and deeper into blog/feed/pin board, sparking flames of creative energy
  14. Scroll and read and Pin and plan 
  15. ...and click and cackle and bookmark and...
  16. ...wait a minute...
  17. ...oh, for fuck's sake.
  18. Realize that dude, this other person's shit is amazing, and so well-curated, and so extensive, and there's no way you could ever reach that pinnacle of creativity and awesomeness and productivity and - wait, this other person also has kids? And a paying job?! AND made a soufflĂ© for dinner last night, as evidenced by her Instagram post?!?!
  20. Netflix

"Wait, so is it not topless tutu weather?"

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