Thursday, March 31, 2016

weeks like this deserve no blog post title.

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This week basically has me like:

What a shitshow these last few days have been. There was barfing and PMSing and lost job opportunities and showing up 2.5 minutes late to Rowan's first Easter egg hunt, which was unfortunate, because you know how long an Easter egg hunt takes? About 2.5 minutes. And then all you've got left is an empty half of a plastic egg that someone else discarded. 

So here. This week left my brain with all the verbal power of a Slushee, so have some pictures of Rowan's Easter adventures instead.


Here's my girl on Saturday with Sparky the Fire Dog after the Easter egg "hunt" (AKA thank goodness we ran into friends whose son was preoccupied by the fire trucks long enough for his parents to sneak a few of his eggs into Rowan's basket). Her expression pretty much sums up the freezing, muddy morning:

Her Sunday was much better, considering the Easter Bunny came to both our house and Grandma's house. Plus, outfit on point, awww.

She is STOKED about the toys the Easter Bunny brought her - especially her magnifying glass and binoculars (courtesy of Grandma's UNREAL, amazing Easter basket).

Inspecting the pine cone collection she & Grandma
started in Grandma's backyard

Inspecting the kids' menu at Easter brunch

Keeping an eye out for the hoodlums that egged our
garage last week

She also loved the toys from the Easter basket J.J. and I put together for her. They're pretty random toys, but the Easter Bunny turned in a bunch of loose change at the grocery store recently in exchange for an Amazon voucher, and so the bunny bought some toys from Rowan's ongoing Amazon wish list, and then remembered that Easter was coming up soon so she just saved those toys for the basket. #winning


  •  CAT Mini Construction Trucks: I love these little construction trucks, and Rowan does, too. I ended up getting a five-pound bag of aquarium rocks to go with the trucks, and they're just the right size for scooping and dumping with the tiny trucks. (Also, they're accidentally the same color as my kitchen floor, which is great because y'all can't see the rocks scattered everywhere, but terrible because OUCH.)
  • 50 Counting Bears with Cups: These are little Montessori-inspired bears that are a great open-ended toy for preschoolers. They're perfect for counting, sorting, and imaginative play.

So, you know. This week was annoying, mostly, but it's almost over...so that has me like:

^^ Now if only this ridiculous child would stop playing around in her crib and go to sleep, because it's 9:20 p.m. and I just can't even with anything anymore.

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