Thursday, February 11, 2016

night life.

Tonight was:

:: Figuring out dinner for Rowan after walking in the door at 5:20 p.m. with a girl who was famished after a fun afternoon at Grandma's.

:: Finishing three Etsy orders while J.J. handled post-dinner play time and bath time for Rowan.
They did yoga. She wore a raincoat and socks. ONLY a raincoat and socks.

:: Rushing upstairs to gather laundry before J.J. handed off Rowie to me for hair brushing and stories.

:: Reaching to wipe a smear of toothpaste off my sleeve and noticing watercolor stains on my wrist.

:: Lingering for an extra cuddle with my sweet-smelling girl before heading back downstairs.

:: Hearing about J.J.'s work day over the sounds of us making dinner and Rowan singing to herself in her crib.

:: Deciding between working on a guest blog post that I'm anxious to finish and transcribing my interview from the other night (chose the blog post).

:: Getting intermittent text updates from a friend in labor with her baby girl (!!!).

:: Remembering to update my blog's Facebook page with yesterday's blog post, but forgetting to actually write today's blog post (and remembering that I never wrote my next Scary Mommy post, which would've been perfect for Valentine's Day...).

:: Fielding three more incoming Etsy requests and putting finishing touches on two current orders.

Pic from yesterday, technically, but the counter looks like this all day, erry day.

:: Trying to remember when I last changed my left-eye contact, because it's supposed to last for two weeks, but I'm pretty sure it's blurry after only a few days, which is maddening.

:: Doing research for another interview I'm conducting on Saturday and checking to see if my third interview subject has been cleared by my supervisor yet...nope, not yet.

:: Noticing around 8:45 that Rowan is quiet? I think? Possibly?

:: Watching an actual YouTube video to figure out how to assemble valentines for Rowan's valentine party with friends tomorrow. AN ACTUAL YOUTUBE VIDEO. FOR VALENTINES. And here I thought I took the easy way out by buying the $2 Kroger valentines.

Nope, Rowan did not help with these even a teeny tiny bit.

:: Folding laundry, and laundry, and more laundry.

:: Organizing our tax documents and wondering how our tax return will play out this year, since it'll be the first year since...I don't know, 1998?...that I've had zero income.

:: Digging out a box of old work materials to prep for some upcoming early childhood consulting ventures.

:: Not exercising or cleaning...oops. As if there was time for that. Plus, I ate zero Cheez-its tonight (only Combos), so I basically exercised.

:: Wondering how it all came to this - all of a sudden realizing that I'm still a surprisingly-at-home mom, but that I'm pretty steadily transitioning to a work-from-home mom.


I had to order new checks last week. The online coupon I found only worked on the checks with fancy designs, so, naturally, I got Wonder Woman checks. And while I still had to employ deep breathing exercises when I balanced my Wonder Woman checkbook yesterday, I didn't have actual heart palpitations. Hooray!

We're not there yet. But we're working our way towards more stability. Which means, yeah, I'm up until midnight most nights and have significantly less down time - but stability, man. It's the dream.

One night at a time.

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  1. Few things happen overnight. You are talented, determined, and hard working, so I know you will make this and all you other dreams and needs come true. I know it! Proud of you. Super proud. I'm like a proud, proud mama bear over here. Love you!!



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